Our Vision

We believe in the unique potential of IT as a business driver component. A potential for creating capacity and lasting change for the continuously evolving company that is one step ahead of their competitors.

By introducing and establishing IT as a business driver component, the company can develop:

  • unique services that competitors want to copy, but can not and do not have time to catch up,
  • enterprise-wide services that enhance the consistency and automation. Services that added services can be built on, which is essential to rapidly develop unique services and enhance value to the business.

IT has been established as a business driver component when their exists:

  • active collaboration between business skills, business operation skills and IT skills for all development within the company and with partners, both for innovation and efficiency
  • services and processes and associated IT applications and systems:
    • includes role-based tools available via the Web
    • minimizing administration
    • follow the trademark
    • automate part or all services and processes. IT applications and systems talking to each other (consuming and producing services between each other).
  • an accuracy and traceability between development efforts and priorities clear business goals
  • abilities, attitudes and structured approach to continuous development
  • a holistic view of the business common assets in the form of services, processes and associated IT tools for rapid development and provides flexibility to changes
  • enterprise capabilities that offer, develop, communicate, introduce and actively maintain a business capability of services and processes with their associated IT applications and systems.
  • a modular, service-oriented structure (an enterprise common architecture), of the company’s capabilities, services and processes with their associated IT applications and systems.

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