Our Offer

Our concept, business driven IT development (ADU)  for accelerating your digitalisation involves the introduction and establishment of new way of working,  business-oriented enterprise architecture in an collaborative culture. In our opinion, this requires integrated business, operation and IT development.

Start up seminar

We present and discuss trends that are identified and defined within digitalisation. We discuss and identify the consequences of these trends and what they mean for your digitalisation. On this basis, we analyse your needs, opportunities and risks associated with the introduction of new working methods, structures/architecture and a collaborative culture to accelerate your digitization.

Goals and direction

We help you to develop and clarify the vision and direction to get started with business driven digitalisation development.

Introduction and establishment of business driven IT development (ADU)

Start of a program where we will be your strategic partner to gradually introduce and establish ADU. During the program we will gradually shift from leading to supportive. You, the customer determines the pace and balance.

Development of a business driven enterprise architecture

A stepwise development of your Enterprise Architecture to a business and IT integrated architecture, as a tool for all business development.

Establishment of an enterprise map

We help you to develop an enterprise map that clarifies your capabilities, areas of development, services and processes with associated IT applications and systems, as well as its development programs/projects connected to the business goals and strategy.